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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Introduction to Feedback amplifier

  1. 1.Introduction to Feedback
  2. 3.Advantages/Disadvantages of Negative Feedback
  3. 4.Basic Feedback Concept
  4. 5.Classification of Amplifiers
  5. 6.Series – Shunt Configuration
  6. 7.Shunt – Series Configuration
  7. 8.Series - Series Configuration      
¨Feedback is used in virtually all amplifier system.
¨Invented in 1928 by Harold Black – engineer in Western Electric Company
¤methods to stabilise the gain of amplifier for use in telephone repeaters.
¨In feedback system, a signal that is proportional to the output is fed back to the input and combined with the input signal to produce a desired system response.
¨However, unintentional and undesired system response may be produced.
Feedback Amplifier
¨ Feedback is a technique where a proportion of the output of a system (amplifier) is fed back and recombined with input

¨ There are 2 types of feedback amplifier:
¤Positive feedback
¤Negative feedback
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