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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Terminology : Space Terms,Military, Aviation and Naval Terms

 Terminology : Space Terms,Military, Aviation and Naval Terms,IIT,Competition,
Terminology Space Terms
Absolute Zero—The starting point of absolute temperature where all molecular motion ceases.

Artificial Gravity—This is actually the creation of centrifugal force by causing a craft-like object, the popularly known space station, to slowly rotate. This is just one more attempt to imitate the natural environment.

Astronaut—One who is chosen to go on flights into space.

Capsule—The original container for the astronauts in their orbiting flights around the earth. It is sealed tight and can maintain for an extended period of time an environment suitable for life to exist.

Command Module—The section of the Apollo space craft which houses the crew of three astronauts and which is the only reentering unit of the main sub-system used during the flight.

Communication Satellite—A satellite which is equipped to act as a middle relay station for a transmitting and receiving station pair thousands of miles apart. These wouldn't have to rely upon ground cables which are not always available between the two points.

Docking—The joining together of two separate units in space although the two are not launched at the same time. This requires very careful selection of orbit and speed of the chasing vehicle to catch up with the pursued vehicle.

Rocket—A device which can produce thrust by burning fuel and is capable of moving itself as a result of reaction.

Space Suit—A suit which can provide the necessary environment for an astronaut in case of cabin pressure failure. If he wishes to go outside and around the ship as it travels through space, he will wear the suit temporarily while he is in space.

Terminology : 
Military, Aviation and Naval Terms

AeronauticsScience of aerial navigation.

Aircraft carrier—A huge warship used for take-off and landing of war planes on the high-seas; it serves as a floating aerodrome.

A magazine or store for the storage of arms and military stores.

Amphibious tank—A tank which can run on land and float on water as well.

Amphibian aircraft—An aeroplane so designed that it can takeoff from and alight on either land or water.

Anti-Missile—An explosive missile launched to intercept and destroy another missile in flight.

Anti-Ballistic Missile (A.B.M.)—It is a device to destroy the guided missles of the enemy carrying nuclear war-head.

Anti-aircraft Defences—(1) Anti-aircraft guns, (2) Search light, (3) Black out, (4) Radar etc.

Bale out—To jump to the ground from an aeroplane by means of a parachute.

Battery—Set of guns for combined action.

Black Box—It is an apparatus which records the flight data of an aeroplane and is also a voice recorder.

Blockade—The stopping of supplies to a town or country to force it to surrender.

Bunker Blaster—It is a very powerful bomb which can pierce even a very strongly built bunker. The American forces used it in Gulf war-II in Iraq in March/April 2003.

Camouflage—A kind of covering to hoodwink the enemy e.g., use of screens, colours, tree branches etc. to conceal the troops or their movements.

CockpitSeat of the pilot in an aeroplane.

Cruiser—Fast warship that protects commerce in times of war, guards sea routes.

Depth ChargesBombs dropped from aircraft on submerged submarines either by anti-submarine naval craft, which only explodes below the surface of water, at 
desired depths. Its radius is approximately 60 feet.

EmbargoOfficial restriction on exports to and imports from a particular country.

EspionagePractice of spying by spies. It is a general practice of the countries to maintain an espionage ring in order to locate the military strategies of enemy country.

FlotillaSmall fleet of small ships.

Gestappo—A name for secret police of Germany, which ceased to exist in 1945.

Guerilla WarfareIrregular war waged by small parties acting independently, to harass the enemy.

Junta—Factions or groups of individuals who capture political power by force or other non-constitutional means.

MachA unit of supersonic speed; I mach—760 miles per hour.

Neutron BombDeveloped by the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) of the U.S.A. The main characteristic of the bomb is that it kills people without destroying buildings or inanimate objects. France has already conducted a small neutron bomb explosion experiment.

ParachuteAn umbrella like apparatus for coming down from aircraft is called parachute.

QuislingStands for a traitor. He was a Norwegian major, who deserted his own army and collaborated with the Germans during the World War II.

Repatriation—To restore or return to the native land. (Generally used in the case of prisoners of war).

Reconnaissance—Aerial, naval or military survey of enemy territory to locate enemy and to find out strategic positions.

RRR’ BombIt is an abbreviated form of ‘Reduced Residual Radiation’ bomb. The Energy Research and Development Administration of the U.S.A. has begun research on this new type of bomb which would produce increased heat and blast but reduced radioactive fall-out.

SeadogAn old and experienced sailor.

Supersonic aircraft—An aeroplane which can fly at speed greater than that of sound.

TankHeavily armoured vehicle driven by motor power having circular chains connecting the wheels on either side, containing crew and guns.

Tommy Gun—A self-loading rifle so called after its inventor John T. Thompson.

Torpedo BoatA small swift warship specially designed to attack by discharging torpedoes.

Trench—A long narrow cut or ditch excavated in the earth as a defence against enemy fire.

Zero HourExpected time of attack in war. This term is also used to the period before a parliamentary session begins.

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