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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Notes for class 11 chemistry

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You can download important notes 
for class 11 chemistry from here 

Chapter 1:: Some-basic-concepts-of-chemistry    Download 

Chapter 2:: Structure of atom        

Chapter 3:: Classification of elements  

Chapter 4:: Chemical bonding                               Download 

Chapter 5:: State of matter                                     Download 

Chapter 6:: Thermodynamic    

Chapter 7:: Equilibrium                                         Download 

Chapter 8:: Redox reaction  

Chapter 9:: Hydrogen

Chapter 10:: S-block elements

Chapter 11:: P-block elements    

Chapter 12:: Organic chemistry    

Chapter 13:: Hydrocarbon              

Chapter 14:: Environmental chemistry                     Download 

Sample paper for chemistry (unsolved)

Sample paper for chemistry 2(unsolved )
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  1. you can still easily get at least passing marks in chemistry. Don't take stress, it will only affect your preparation. Solve the last 5-year question papers with examples. For important organic chemistry topics, read the post "Chemistry Tuition". Prepare surface chemistry as well, P and D block through notes or books like Xam idea. Prepare nomenclature and hybridization in coordination compounds. You will get the desired marks.


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