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Friday, 3 June 2016



1. An instrument used in aircraft for measuring altitudes is called - Altimeter
2. 2. An instrument used to measure the strength of an electric current is called - Ammeter
3. 3. An instrument to measure the speed, direction and pressure of the wind is called- Anemometer
4. An instrument used to measure difference in hearing is called - Audiometer
5. An instrument to measure atmospheric pressure and conditions is called - Barometer
6. 6. An instrument used to measure potential difference between two points is called - Voltmeter
7. An optical instrument used for magnified view of distant objects is called-Binoculars
8. An instrument used to measure the diameters of wire, tube or rod is called-Callipers
9. An instrument used to measure quantities of Heat is called - Calorimeter
10. An apparatus used for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine is called – Carburettor
11. An instrument used for measuring the temperature of the human body is called-Thermometer
12. A device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called- Dynamo
13. An instrument used for measuring electrical potential differences is called- Electro meter
14. An instrument used for detecting the presence of electric charge is called- Electroscope
15. An instrument used for measuring Electric Current is called - Galvanometer
16. An instrument used for measuring depth of the ocean is called - Fathometer
17. An instrument used for relative density of liquids is called - Hydrometer
18. An instrument used for relative density of milk is called - Lactometer
19. An instrument used for magnified view of very small objects is called - Microscope
20. An apparatus used in submarines for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer is called - Periscope
21. An instrument used for comparing the luminous intensity of two sources of light is Called - Photometer
22. An instrument used to measure high temperature is called - Pyrometer
23. An instrument used to measure Rainfall is called - Rain Gauge

24. An instrument used for recording the intensity and origin of earthquakes shocks is called – Seismograph
25. An instrument used for measuring angular distance between two objects is called - Sextant
26. An instrument used for measuring speed of the vehicle is called - Speedometer
27. An apparatus used for converting high voltage to low and vice-versa is called- Transformer
28. An instrument that continuously records a barometer's reading of atmospheric pressure. - Barograph
29. An instrument used to measure infrared, or heat, radiation. - Bolometer
30. An instrument used for measuring growth in plants.- Crescograph
31. An instrument used for tracing movement of heart.-Cardiograph
32. A clock that keeps very accurate time and determines longitude of a vessel at sea. - Chronometer
33. An instrument used to examine internal parts of the body. - Endoscope
34. A glass tube for measuring volumes changes in the chemical reactions between gases -Eudiometer
35. A machine for reproducing recorded sound. - Gramophone
36. An instrument used to measure the moisture content or the humidity of air or any gas. - Hygrometer
37. A microphone designed to be used underwater for recording or listening to underwater sound.- Hydrophone
38. A device used to measure atmospheric pressure - Manometer
39. A device which converts sound waves into electrical signals. - Microphone
40. An instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle, to measure the distance traversed. - Odometer
41. An instrument used for reproducing sound.-Phonograph
42. An instrument used for measuring Solar radiation is called - Pyrheliometer
43. An instrument used for taking angular measurements of altitude in astronomy and navigation is called - Quadrant
44. An instrument for measuring a Refractive Index of a substance is called - Refractometer
45. An instrument used for Spectrum analysis is called- Spectroscope
46. An instrument for measuring blood pressure is called - Sphygmomanometer
47. An instrument for measuring and indicating temperature is called - Thermometer
48. A medical instrument used for hearing and analysing the sound of Heart is called - Stethoscope

49. An apparatus for recording the readings of an instrument and transmitting them by radio is called - Telemeter
50. An instrument used for magnified view of distant objects is called- Telescope
51. A device that automatically regulates constant temperatures is called - Thermostat
52. An instrument used for measuring Viscosity is called - Viscometer
53. A small scale calibrated to indicate fractional divisions of the main scale is called- Vernier Scale
54. An instrument for testing the refractive power of the eye is called - Optometer
55. An instrument designed for visual examination of the eardrum is called -Otoscope
56. A device that measures low temperature is called - Cryometer
57. An instrument used in an aircraft indicating airspeed is called – Mach meter

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