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Monday, 27 June 2016

General science for competitive exam

Facts to remember :-

Speed of light is maximum in vacuum 

Longitudinal wave can not be polarised .

Rainbow are always formed in direction opposite to the sun 

The freuency of visible light varies between 400nm to 700nm .

colour blindness was first discovered by homer (1976)

Focal distance of tens is maximum for red light and minimum for violet fight 

3-D image is known as hologram

If a  transparent materials invisible in any liquid then both of them have same refractive index

human eyes have convex lens 

Raman effects belongs to scattering of light 

Optical fibres works on principle of total internal reflection 

Proton is ionised hydrogen atom

Cryogenic engine is used in space shuttle

Titanium is known as metal of future

Uranium oxide is known as yellow cake 

ceremic is used in super conductivity.

A transformer which increase the applied e.m.f of alternating current is called step up transformer.

hypo or radium thiosulphate is used for fusing in photography 

power is sun glasses is zero

heat energy are transmitted as infra red rays .

Air bubble in water behave as concave lens 

As temperature increase its refractive index increase 

Bolometre is used for detection of infra red rays 

Two thinner blankets are warmer than a single blanket equal to their width 

colour cloths are good absorbers of heat 

Ammonia is used as a coolant in refrigerator

Echo form due to reflection of sound 

when two sound sources of nearly same frequency are placed together then beat occur 

There is a coating of iron oxide on tape used in tapere corder 

At room temperature velocity of sound is 340 m/s

There is no change in frequency of sound when it change medium but its velocity direction and intensity will change 

the direction of wave is independents of velocity wavelength and frequency 

The velocity of sound is increased with incensing density of medium 

Sensation of sound is for 1/10 second 

Receiver of telephone converts electrical energy into sound energy.

Wave is formed by b repeated vibrations of particles of medium in which the wave is formed 

Pulse is a wave set up by single disturbance of short duration

Neutron was discovered by Chadwick

Carbon dating is used in determining age of fossils 

In nuclear fission s greater nuclei is broken into smaller nuclei and there is huge amount of energy Atom bomb works on nuclear fission 

when two or more smaller nuclei  are joined together to form a large nuclei  the process is called nuclear fusion. 
A greater amount of energy is released .
Hydrogen bomb works on principle of nuclear fusion.
Cadmium is a good absorb er of neutron used as a controller chain reaction 

Polonium is first human made element 

slip sings of generator are made up of gun metal

Ammeter is used in DC as well as AC

Resistance in ammeter is very low 

Resistance in voltmeter is very high 

Generator is based on principle of electromagnetic induction.

Voltmeter measures potential difference between two points.

A parallel combination of galvanometer and a small resistance is equivalent to a voltmeter .

Ammeter is connected in series while voltmeter is always connected in parallel.

Electrovolt is unit of energy.

The resistance of low power bulb is high.

Filament of electric bulb is tungsten.

Wire of electric heater is made up of nichrome.

Fuse wire is made up of lead and tin .

Chemical energy is stored in  battery 

Soft iron is used in electric magnate 

The height of mercury column in barometer is independent of the diameter of glass tube 

The frequency of second pendulum is 2 s 

Clouds are flying due to their last density and viscosity  of air .

Viscosity of gases increase with increase of in temperature.

The force of attraction between atom of same material is called cohesive force.

The force of attraction between atom of different  material is called adhesive force.
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