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Friday, 8 April 2016


What is Thermodynamics?
Thermodynamics: A set of of mathematical models and concepts 

that allow us to describe the way changes in the system state 

(temperature, pressure, and composition) affect equilibrium.
Can be used to predict how rock-forming systems will respond to changes in state

Invert observed chemical compositions of minerals and melts 
to infer the pressure and temperature conditions or origin
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Thermodynamic State Properties
Extensive: These variables or properties depend on the amount of material present (e.g. mass or volume).

Intensive: These variables or properties DO NOT depend on the amount of material (e.g. density, pressure, and temperature).
Idealized Thermodynamic Processes
Irreversible:  Initial system state is unstable or metastable and spontaneous change in the system yields a system with a lower-energy final state.
Reversible:  Both initial and final states are stable equilibrium states and the path between them is a continuous sequence of equilibrium states.  NOT ACTUALLY REALIZED IN NATURE.

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