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Friday, 8 April 2016

Sulphur and its Compounds

Sulphur and its compounds
General properties:
•Group VIA  (1s22s22p63s23p4)
•m.p. 113oC, b.p. 445oC
–(1) Rhombic sulphur, S8 (room to 96oC)
–(2) Monoclinic sulphur, S8 (stable btn. 96-119oC)

–(3) Plastic sulphur, long polymeric chains.
Sulphur dioxide
•A colourless gas with choking smell
•An acidic gaseous pollutant
•Readily liquefied under pressure
•Very soluble in water and reacts to form sulphuric(IV) acid
•Can be further oxidized to SO3, which dissolves in water to form sulphuric(VI) acid, H2SO4
Oxidizing properties of SO2
•2Mg + SO2 ® 2MgO + S
•2H2S + SO2 ® 2H2O + 3S
•Aqueous SO2 º SO32-(aq)
•2MnO4- + 5SO32- + 6H+ ® 2Mn2+ + 5SO42- + 3H2O
•Cr2O72- + 3SO32- + 8H+ ® 2Cr3+ + 3SO42- + 4H2O

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