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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Metal and non metal HOTS Questions with answer

                               Metal and non metal 
HOTS: (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions with Answers:

1. A metal acts as a good reducing agent. It reduces Fe2O3, and MnO2. The reaction with Fe2O3 is used for welding broken railway tracks. Identify the metal and write all the chemical reactions

2. A yellow coloured powder `X` is soluble in carbon disulfide. It burns with a blue flame forming suffocating smelling gas which turns moist blue litmus red. Identify `X` and gives chemical reaction. Identify it is metal or nonmetal.

3. An element reacts with oxygen to form an oxide which dissolves in dilute hydrochloric acid. The oxide formed also turns a solution of red litmus blue. Is the element a metal or non-metal? Explain with the help of a suitable example.

4. A student set up an electric circuit as shown in Fig. He placed the metal to be . tested in the circuit between terminals A and B as shown.
 Metal and non metal (HOTS),chemistry of class10,free notes,free download,sa1,
(i) Does the bulb glow? What does this indicate?
(ii) Why are electric wires coated with rubber like materials?

5. Royal water is prepared by mixing two acids `A` and `B`. It can dissolve gold
and platinium. It is highly corrosive and fuming liquid. Identify `A` and `B`. What is
the ratio in which `A` and `B` are mixed.

6.. Four metals A, B, C and D are, in turn, added to the following solutions one by one. The observations made are tabulatd below
 Metal and non metal (HOTS),chemistry of class10,free notes,free download,sa1,
Answer the following questions based on above information.
(i) Which is the most active metal and why?
(ii) What would be observed if B is added to a solution of copper (II) sulphate and Why?
(iii) Arrange the metals A, B, C and D in order of increasing reactivity.
(iv) Container of which metal can be used to store both zinc sulphate solution and silver nitrate solution.
(v) Which of the above solutions can be easily stored in a container made up of any of
these metals?

7. Nikita took Zn, Al, Cu, Fe, Mg, Na metals & put each metal in cold water and then hot water. She reacted the metal with steam
(i) Name the metal which reacts with cold water.
(ii) Which of the above metals react with steam?
(iii) Name the metal which reacts with hot water.
(iv) Arrange these metals in order of increasing reactivity.

8. A student was given Mg, Zn, Fe, and Cu metals. He put each of them in dil HCl contained in different test tubes. Identify which of them
(i) will not displace H2 from dil HCl
(ii) forms a pale green substance
(iii) will give H2 with 5% HNO3
(iv) will be displaced from its salt solution by all other metals.

9. A metal `X` is found in the form of filings which burns vigorously when sprinkle on flame. When these filings are treated with sulphur a black colured compound `Y` is formed which is not attracted by magnet. `X` reacts with dil HCl to liberate hydrogen gas. `X` reacts with steam to form `Z` along with hydrogen gas. Identify `X`, `Y`, and `Z`. Write the reaction involved.

10. A, B and C are 3 elements which undergo chemical reactions according to following equations:
a) A2O3 + 2B---->B2O3 + 2A
b) 3CSO4 + 2B ------>B2 (SO4)3 + 3C
c) 3CO + 2A ------>A2SO3 + 3C
Answer of the following:
i) Which element is most reactive?
ii) Which element is least reactive?

11. An element X on reacting with O2 forms X2O.This Oxide dissolves in water and turns blue litmus paper red. Predict the nature of element whether it is a metal or a non metal.

12 An element E combines with O2 to form an oxide E2O, which is a good conductor
of electricity. Answer the following:
i) How many electrons will be present in the outer most shell of E?
ii) Write the formula of the compound formed when it combines with

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