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Saturday, 9 April 2016

ELECTRICITY HOTS Questions and Answers

HOTS Questions and Answers

Q.1 What is represented by joule/coulomb?

Q.2 A charge of 2C moves between two plates, maintained at a p.d of 1V. What is the energy acquired by the charge?

Q.3 Why are copper wires used as connecting wires?

Q.4 A wire of resistivity 􀈡 is stretched to double its length. What is its new resistivity?

Q.5 What is the resistance of connecting wire?

Q.6 What is the resistance of an ammeter?

Q.7 What is the resistance of a Voltmeter?

Q.8 Which has more resistance: 100W bulb or 60W bulb?

Q.9 How will you join three resistances, each of 2􀈍 so that the effective resistance is 3􀈍?

Q.10 What happens to the current in a circuit if its resistance is doubled?

Q.11 What happens to the resistance of a circuit if the current through it is doubled?

Q.12 How does the resistance of a wire depend upon its radius?

Q.13 Two wires are of the same length, same radius, but one of them is of copper and the other is of iron. Which will have more resistance?

Q.14 Two wires of same material and same length have radii r1 and r2. Compare their resistances.

Q.15 Given a resistors each of resistors R. How will you combine them to get the
( i ) maximum and (ii) minimum effective resistance? 
What is the ratio of the maximum to minimum resistance?

Q.16 A wire of length L and resistance R is stretched so that its length its doubled.
How will its (a) Resistance change (b) Resistively change ?

Q.17 Two students perform the experiments on series and parallel combinations of two given resistors R1 and R2 and plot the following V-I graphs.
ELECTRICITY HOTS Questions and Answers,class 10 science,
Which of the graphs is (are) correctly labelled in terms of the words ‘series’ and parallel’ Justify your answer.

Q.18 A household uses the following electric appliances :
(i) Refrigerator of rating 400W for ten hours each day.
(ii) Two electric fans of rating 80W each for twelve hours each day.
(iii) Six electric tubes of rating 18W each for 6 hours each day.
Calculate the electricity bill of the household for the month of June if the cost per unit of electric energy is Rs. 3.00.

Q.19 Ammeter burns out when connected in parallel. Give reasons.

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