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Saturday, 9 April 2016


HOTS: (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions with Answers:

1 A compound `X` is used for drinking, has pH =7.Its acidified solution undergoes
decomposition in presence of electricity to produce gases `Y` and `Z` The volume
of Y is double than Z. Y is highly combustible whereas Z is supporter of
combustion .Identify X, Y & Z and write the chemical reactions involved.

2 An aqueous solution of metal nitrate P reacts with sodium bromide solution to
form yellow ppt of compound Q which is used in photography. Q on exposure to
sunlight undergoes decomposition reaction to form metal present in P along with
reddish brown gas. Identify P&Q . Write the chemical reaction & type of chemical

3 Bhawana took a pale green substance A in a test tube. and heated it over the flame
of a burner. A brown colored residue B was formed along with evolution of two
gases with burning smell of sulphur.Idetify A & B. Write the chemical reaction

4 A student took 2-3 g of a substance X in a glass beaker & poured water over it
slowly. He observed bubbles along with hissing noise. The beaker becomes quite
hot. Identify X.What type of reaction is it?

5 A reddish brown vessel developed a green colored solid X when left open in air
for a long time. When reacted with dil H2SO4 , it forms a blue colored solution
along with brisk effervescence due to colourless & odourless gas Z. X
decomposes to form black colored oxide Y of a reddish brown metal along with
gas Z, Identify X, Y, & Z.

6 A substance X used for coating iron articles is added to a blue solution of a
reddish brown metal Y,the color of the solution gets discharged Identify X and Y
& also the type of reaction.

7. A student has mixed the solutions of lead (II) nitrate and potassium iodide.
(i) What was the colour of the precipitate formed? Can you name the compound?
precipitated ?
(ii) Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction.
(iii) What type of reaction is it?

8. Observe the following activity & answer the questions:-
 CHEMICAL REACTIONS AND EQUATIONS(HOTS),class10,cbse notes, free study material,scc,ssc,education,
a. Do you observe anything happening around the zinc granules?
b. Is there any change in its temperature?
c. Why is glass tube not dipped in dil H2SO4?
d. How is H2 gas collected by downward displacement or upward displacement of water?
e. Is H2 gas soluble or insoluble in water?
f. Is H2 gas heavier or lighter than air?

9. A reddish brown metal X when heated in presence of oxygen forms a black
compound Y which is basic in nature when heated with hydrogen gas gives back X.
Identify X & Y.Write the chemical reaction between Y & H 2 Identify the substance
being oxidized & reduced.

10 Name the type of reaction seen in the diagram below. Write the reaction for the

 CHEMICAL REACTIONS AND EQUATIONS(HOTS),class10,cbse notes, free study material,scc,ssc,education,
11. A student burnt a metal A found in the form of ribbon. The ribbon burnt with a
dazzling flame & a white powder B is formed which is basic in nature. Identify A &
B.Write the balanced chemical equation.

12. A student dropped few pieces of marble in dilute HCl contained in a test tube. The
gas evolved was passed through lime water. What change would be observed
in lime water? Write chemical reactions for both the changes observed.

13. Astha has been collecting silver coins and copper coins. One day she observed a
black coating on silver coins and a green coating on copper coins. Which chemical
phenomenon is responsible for these coatings? Write the chemical name of black and

green coatings.

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