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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


                           NATURAL RESOURCES

Q1: Why is CO2 produced in large extents?

Que2: What is smog?

Que3: If there is no atmosphere around the earth, what will happen to its temperature?

Que4: A motor with its glass totally closed is parked directly under the sun, the inside temperature of the car rises very high. Explain why?

Que5: Why is circulation of carbon in nature important?

Que6: How is free nitrogen present in air fixed?

Que7:What is ammonification?

Que8: How is carbon stored in our planet?

Que9: What is air pollution? What steps should be taken care to check the pollution?

Que10: River from land add minerals to sea water. Explain

Que11: are the consequences of global warming?

Que12: Why does Mathura refinery poses problem to Taj Mahal?

Que13: Why are root nodules useful for the plant?

Que14: What is the role of Sun in formation of soil?

Que15; Why step farming is common in hills? What are its advantages?

Que16Why does water need conservation even though large oceans surround the land?

Que17: How do lichens and mosses helps in soil formation?

Que18: What is eutrophication?

Que19: What causes the movement of air?

Que20: Carbon-di-oxide is necessary for plants yet we consider it as a pollutant .Explain how?

Topic related to biology 10.
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CHAPTER: NATURAL RESOURCES  Q1: Why is greenhouse emission created in massive extents? Que2: what's smog? Que3: If there's no atmosphere round the earth, what is going to happen to its temperature? Que4: A motor with its glass whole closed is pose directly underneath the sun, the within temperature of theautomobile rises terribly high. make a case for why? Que5: Why is circulation of carbon in nature important? Que6: however is free gas gift in air fixed? Que7:What is ammonification? Que8: however is carbon keep in our planet? Que9: what's air pollution? What steps ought to be taken care to envision the pollution? e10: watercourse from land add minerals to ocean water. Explain Que11: ar the implications of worldwide warming? Que12: Why will Mathura industrial plant poses drawback to Taj Mahal? Que13: Why ar root nodules helpful for the plant? Que14: what's the role of Sun in formation of soil? 
ue15; Why step farming is common in hills? What ar its advantages? Que16Why will water would like conservation even if massive oceans surround the land? Que17: however do lichens and mosses helps in soil formation? Que18: what's eutrophication? 
Que19: What causes the movement of air? Que20: Carbon-di-oxide is critical for plants nevertheless we have a tendency to think about it as a waste matter.Explain how?
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