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Friday, 18 March 2016

How do organisms reproduce (Questions answer)

 How do organisms reproduce?


1. Define reproduction.

Ans –It is the process of producing new organism of the same species by 
existing organisms of a species.

 2. Define fertilization.

 Ans- It is defined as the fusion of a male gamete( sperm) with a female gamete(ova) to form a zygote during sexual reproduction.

3.Name two type of reproduction.

Ans-Two main type of reproductions is asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction.

4. The anther contains: a...Sepal b. ovules c. carpel d.. Pollen grains

Ans –Pollen grains

5. What method will you use for growing jasmine and rose plant?

Ans—Artificial mode of vegetative reproduction-layering and grafting are use for growing jasmine and rose plant.

6. Define menstruation.

Ans-The breakdown and removal of inner thick and soft lining of uterus along with blood vessels in the form of vaginal bleeding is called menstrual flow or menstruation.

7. Write the name of male and female reproductive part of a flower.

Ans-Male reproductive part is stamen, which consists of filament and anther. Female reproductive part is carpel, which consists of ovary, style and stigma.

8. Where does the fertilisation takes place in human female?

Ans—in oviduct.

 9. Why do testes in mammals descend in scrotum?

Ans-The location of the scrotum regulates the temperature of the testes because sperm formation requires a lower temperature than the body temperature

10. Name the type of fission carried out by Amoeba.

Ans-Amoeba reproduces by binary fission in which one cell divides into two daughter cells.

11.Name two sexually transmitted diseases. 
Ans-Gonorrhoea and syphilis.                    

12. Name the male and female gonads and what are the products they produce?      
Ans-Male gonads-Testes, Products-Hormone testosterone which stimulates the secretion of sperm from testes. Female gonads –ovaries, Products-hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which stimulates the secretion of eggs.                                            

13.-Where does fertilisation takes place in human female?                                          
Ans-In Fallopian tube (oviduct).                                                                                       

14.What is vegetative propagation?                                                                               
 Ans-- The development of new plants from parts such as roots, stem and leaves, of the plant is called vegetative propagation.                                                                                      
15. Expand AIDS,                                                                                                              
 Ans- Acquired immune deficiency syndrome.                                                                   
16. Write the full form of IUCD.                                                                                        
Ans-- Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device .                                                                     

17. What is syngamy?                                                                                                 
Ans—The fusion of one male gamete with an egg to form zygote is called syngamy.         

18. What is advantage of fruit formation in plant?                                                       

Ans—Fruit formation helps in easy dispersal of seed.                                                         
19. What is ovulation?                                                                                                     
Ans—The release of ovum or the egg from the ovary is called ovulation.                         

20.What is menopause?                                                                                                  
Ans-The permanent stoppage of menstruation at age of 45-50 years is called menopause.                                                                                                                           \

21. Which part of human female reproduction system is called ―birth canal‖ and the ―womb?‖

Ans –Vagina is called the birth canal and the uterus is called the womb.

22. Define gestation period. What is the gestation period in human?
 Ans—The time period from the development of foetus inside the uterus till birth is called gestation period. In humans, the gestation period lasts for 9 months or 40 week or 280 days.

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