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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Circulatory system:
Efficient distribution system
Network of 100,000 km of blood vessels
Supplies cells with nutrients and oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and waste products
Transports hormones

Plays an important role repairing tissues and protecting the body from infection
Organs of the Circulatory System
* Blood: Type of connective tissue (cells & liquid)
* Heart: Multi-chambered, muscular organ
-Overall flow of blood via blood vessels à from the heart to the tissues
   throughout the body back to the
- Body contains 5 L of blood

Types of Blood Vessels
Microscopic blood vessels- make contact with all cells of the body
Walls of capillaries consist of a thin layer of epithelial tissue à enables diffusion of nutrients and oxygen out of the blood & the diffusion of waste products into the blood
Blood flows from the heart to the capillaries through thick walled blood vessels = arteries
Walls of arteries = epithelial tissue wrapped in layers of smooth muscle and connective tissue
Muscle tissue enables arteries to constrict & dilate; Blood in arteries is under pressure due to the heart’s pumping action
Blood returns from the capillaries to the heart through vessels = veins
Walls of veins consist of epithelial tissue surrounded by smooth muscle & connective tissue… but muscle layer is thinner than that in arteries
Blood is under little pressure
Contracting skeletal muscles squeezes the
  veins and forces blood back to the heart 
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