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Monday, 25 January 2016


                                  MODEL QUESTION PAPER 
                                                                    X - SCIENCE (Theory)
Time:2½ Hours                                                                                                           M.M: 60
1. The paper comprises of two sections A and B. You have to solve both the sections.
2. All questions are necessary.
3. There is no  choice. However, internal choice has been provided in all the three questions of five marks section. Only one question in such questions is to be attempted.
4. All questions of section A and all questions of section B to be attempted .
5. Questions 1 ,2,3,4,5 6 in section A and 19,20, 21 in section B are very short answer questions. One mark each.
6. Questions 7,8,9,10,11,12 in section A and 22 ,23,24 in section B are short answer type questions and carry two marks each.
7. Questions 13 to 16 in section A and 25 to 26 in section B are also short answer type questions and carry three marks each.
8. Questions 17 and 18 in section A and question 27 in section B carry five marks each. 
                                                         Section A
1. A metal M belongs to 13th group in the modern periodic table. 
Write the valency of the metal.

2. The ciliary muscles of a normal eye are in their 
(i) most relaxed 
(ii) most contracted state. 
In which of the two cases is the focal length of the eye-lens more?

3. Tap water conducts electricity where as distilled water does not. Why ?

4. An electric geyser has the ratings 2000W, 220V marked on it. What should be the minimum
rating, in whole number of a fuse wire, that may be required for safe use with this geyser?

5. Kerosene burns with a sooty flame. Is it a saturated or an un saturated compound?

6. Two metallic wires A and B of the same material are connected in parallel. Wire A has length l and radius r, wire B has a length 2l and radius 2r. Calculate the ratio of the equivalent resistance in parallel combination and the resistance of wire A.

7. A student performs an experiment to study the magnetic effect of current around a current 
carrying straight conductor. He reports that
(i) for a given battery, the degree of deflection of a N – pole decreases when the compass is kept
at a point farther away from the conductor.
(ii) the direction of deflection of the north pole of a compass needle kept at a given point near
the conductor remains unaffected even when the terminals of the same battery sending current
in the wire are inter changed.
Which of the above observations of the student appears to be wrong and why?

8. A housewife wanted her house to be whitewashed. She bought 10kg of quick lime from the
market and added it to 30 litres of water. On adding lime to water she noticed that the water
appeared to be boiling even when it was not being heated. Give reason for her observation.
Write the corresponding chemical equation and name the product formed.

9. Write the electron- dot structure for sodium and chlorine atoms. How do these form a chemical bond? Name the type of bond so formed. Why does a compound so formed have high melting point?

10. Why are many thermal power plants set up near coal or oil fields?

11. How is charcoal obtained from wood? Write two advantages of using charcoal as a fuel over

12. Two carbon compounds A and B have the molecular formula C3H8 and C3 H6 respectively.
Which one of the two is most likely to show addition reaction? Justify your answer. Explain
with the help of a chemical equation, how an addition reaction is useful in vegetable ghee


Read more topics .........

1. A metal M belongs to thirteenth cluster within the trendy tableWrite the valency of the metal.2. The ciliary muscles of a traditional eye ar in their  (i) most relaxed  (ii) most contractile state. In which of the 2 cases is that the focal distance of the eye-lens more? 3. water conducts electricity wherever as water doesn't. Why ?4. an electrical geyser has the ratings 2000W, 220V marked thereon. What ought to be the minimum rating, in number of a fuse wire, which will be needed for safe use with this geyser? 
5. coal oil burns with a pitchy flame. Is it a saturated or Associate in Nursing international organisation saturated compound?
6. 2 aluminous wires A and B of constant material ar connected in parallel. Wire A has length l and radius r, wire Bincludes a length 2l and radius 2r. Calculate the quantitative relation of the equivalent resistance in parallel combination and therefore the resistance of wire A.
7. A student performs Associate in Nursing experiment to check the magnetic impact of current around a current  carrying straight conductor. He reports that (i) for a given battery, the degree of deflection of a N – pole decreases once the compass is unbroken
at a degree farther faraway from the conductor.(ii) the direction of deflection of the pole of a compass needle unbroken at a given purpose close to the conductor remains unaffected even once the terminals of constant battery causation current
in the wire ar lay modified.Which of the higher than observations of the scholar seems to be wrong and why?
8. A wife needed her house to be painted. She bought 10kg of fast lime from the market and extra it to thirty litres of water. On adding lime to water she detected that the water appeared to be boiling even once it had been not being heated. offer reason for her observation.
Write the corresponding chemical equation and name the merchandise fashioned9. Write the electron- dot structure for Na and Cl atoms. however do these type a chemical bond? Name the {sort|the kind} of bond so fashioned. Why will a compound thus fashioned have high melting point?  10. Why ar several thermal power plants originated close to coal or oil fields?
11. however is charcoal obtained from wood? Write 2 benefits of mistreatment charcoal as a fuel over wood?
12. 2 carbon compounds A and B have the formula C3H8 and C3 H6 severally.
Which one amongst the 2 is presumably to indicate addition reaction? Justify your answer. Explain
with the assistance of a chemical equation, however Associate in Nursing reaction is beneficial in vegetableclarified butter
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