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Monday, 25 January 2016

CHEMISTRY ,Multiple choice Questions for competitive exam

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Multiple choice  Questions:-

 1.When we start heating a mixture of sulphur powder and iron fillings, we would observe that
(a) sulphur starts melting.
(b) iron filings start melting.
(c) mixture becomes red hot.
(d) mixture evaporates 

2 A student added 2 drops of iodine solution into 4 ml of starch solution in test tube A, another student added 2 ml of starch solution into 4 ml of iodine solution in test tube B. They would then observe
(a) a change of colour to blue black in test tube A but not in test tube B.
(b) a change of colour to blue black in test tube B but not in test tube A.
(c) a change of colour to blue black in both test tubes A and B
(d) no change of colour in any test tube.

3.10 mL of freshly prepared iron sulphate was taken in each of four test tubes. Strips of copper, iron, zinc and aluminium were introduced, each metal in a different test tube. A black residue was obtained in two of them. The right pair of metals forming the precipitates is
(a) copper and zinc.
(b) aluminium and copper.
(c) iron and aluminium.
(d) zinc and aluminium.

4.Which one of the following would be the correct set of apparatus required if you have to separate camphor and common salt?
(a) Round bottom flask, funnel, burner, condensor, wire guage, stand with clamp
(b) Conical flask, filter paper, funnel, beaker, stand with clamp, wire guage
(c) Separating funnel, beaker, conical flask tripod stand, burner wire guaze
(d) China dish, funnel, burner, cotton plug, tripod stand, stand with clamp, wire guaze.
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CHEMISTRY ,Multiple choice  Questions for competitive exam,polytechnic entrance exam
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     Acids and alkalis   (Important notes ) Multiple alternative Questions:-
1.When we begin heating a mix of sulphur powder and iron fillings, we'd observe that (a) sulphur starts melting.(b) iron filings begin melting.
(c) mixture becomes hotdog.(d) mixture evaporates  2 A student other a pair of drops of iodine answer into four millilitre of starch answer in tubing A, another student other a pair of millilitre of starch answer into four millilitre of  dine answer in tubingB. they'd then observe(a) a modification of color to blue black in tubing A however not in tubing B.
(b) a modification of color to blue black in tubing B however not in tubing A.(c) a modification of color to blue black in each take a look at tubes A and B (d) no modification of alter any tubing3.10 millilitre of freshly ready iron sulfate was taken in every of 4 take a look at tubes. Strips of copper, iron, atomic number 30 and aluminum were introduced, every metal in an exceedinglycompletely different tubing. A black residue was obtained in 2 of them. the proper combine of metals forming the precipitates is (a) copper and atomic number 30(b) aluminum and copper. (c) iron and aluminum(d) atomic number 30 and aluminum4.Which one among the subsequent would be the right set of equipment needed if you have got to separate natural resin and customary salt?
(a) spherical bottom flask, funnel, burner, condensor, wire guage, stand with clamp b) round shape flask, paper, funnel, beaker, stand with clamp, wire guage (c) Separating funnel, beaker, round shape flask stand stand, burner wire guaze
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