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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Light – Reflection & Refraction Objectives Questions

Light – Reflection & Refraction Objectives Questions,science for polytechnic entrance exam
Light – Reflection & Refraction
Choose the correct answer from the following.
1. Coin placed in a bowl when seen from a place just disappears. When water is poured into the bowl without disturbing the coin , the coin
a. Will not be seen 
b. Becomes visible again
c. Appears above the water surface 
d. Appears very much deep inside the water 

Light – Reflection & Refraction Objectives Questions,science for class10

2. Nature of the image formed by a convex mirror is
a. Real, inverted, diminished 
b. Real , inverted , enlarged
c. Virtual, erect, diminished 
d. Virtual, erect, enlarged
3. The property of a mirror used in burning a paper is
a. Rays from an object placed at a large distance in a concave mirror
after reflection forms the image at the Focus
c. Rays from an object placed at a large distance in a convex mirror after reflection forms the image at the Focus
b. Rays from an object placed at Focus after reflection in a concave
mirror forms the image at a very large distance.
d. Rays from an object placed between F and 2F in a concave mirror after reflection forms the image beyond the Focus
4. The focal length of a concave mirror is 10cm. The position of the object that is useful for getting an enlarged image which can be caught on a screen is
a. Placed at a distance of 5 cm. from the pole of the mirror
c. Placed at a distance of 15 cmfrom the pole of the mirror
b Placed at a distance of 35 cmfrom the pole of the mirror
d. Placed at a distance of 4. 5 cmfrom the pole of the mirror
5. The power of a lens is -3.5D. The lens is
a. Convex 
b. concave
c Plano-convex 
d. Plano-concave
6. Formula to find the refractive index of a medium is
a. n=speed of light in the medium /speed of light in air
b. n=speed of light in the air/speed of light in the medium
c. n=1 /speed of light in air
 d. n=1 /speed of light in the medium
7. In case of refraction through a glass slab
a. Incident ray is parallel to the refracted ray
b. Angle of incidence is equal to the angle of refraction
c. Incident ray is parallel to the emergent ray
d. Angle of refraction is equal to the angle of emergence
8. Mirror that can be chosen to view a tall building in a small mirror is
a. Plane mirror 
b. Convex mirror
c. Concave mirror 
d. Plano-Convex mirror
9. Mirror formula is
a. 1/v-1/u =1/f 
b 1/v+1/u =1/f
c. M=v/u 
d. M=h/h’
10. The mirror used by ENT specialists is
a. Plane mirror 
b. Convex mirro
c. Plano-convex mirror
12 A student obtained a blurred image of an illuminated distant tower on a screen by using a convex lens In order to obtain sharp image of the tower on the screen ,he must shift the lens
a towards the screen 
b away from the lens
c away from the screen 
d either towards away or near the screen
13 An object AB is placed in front of a convex Lens at its principal focus The image will be formed at
a focus
b Between F & C
c beyond C 
d infinity
14 When an object moves closer to a concave lens, the Image formed by it shifts 
a Away from the lens
b First away and then towards the lens
c Towards the lens 
d First towards and then away from the lens
15 When a ray of light passes from a denser medium to a rarer medium which angle is greater 
a angle of incidence 
b both
c angle of refraction 
d none
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