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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Functional Groups and its example

                     Functional Groups
Functional Groups and its example ,science for class10,

Origin of organic compounds
Naturally occurring organic compounds are found in plants, animals, and fossil fuels
All of these have a plant origin
All of these rely on the “fixing” of C from CO2

Synthetic organic compounds are derived from fossil fuels or plant material 

Most current research focuses on Organic
Originally from “organic” meaning life
Not just chemistry of life, chemistry of carbon
oxides of carbon (CO2, CO)

cyanides (NaCN, etc)

Carbon can form four bonds… 
Carbon can form four bonds, and forms strong covalent bonds with other elements
This can be represented in many ways … 


About 100 functional groups exist, 
e will focus on about 10
Useful to group the infinite number of possible organic compounds
E.g. the simplest group is hydrocarbons
Made up of only C and H
Not really a functional “group”
Further divided into:
Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic                    

Functional Groups and its example
Hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl
There are other names that describe patterns of atoms that are parts of functional groups.
“Hydroxyl” refers to –OH
“Carbonyl” refers to C=O
“Carboxyl” refers to COOH
Q: which functional groups contain a hydroxyl group?  A carbonyl group? 
A carboxyl group?
Hydroxyl: alcohols, carboxylic acids.  Carbonyl:
aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, amides,
esters.    Carboxyl: carboxylic acids 
Note that properties such as boiling and melting point change due to functional groups .

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Origin of organic compounds •Naturally occurring organic compounds area unit found in plants, animals, and fossil fuels •All of those have a plant origin •All of those deem the “fixing” of C from dioxide •Synthetic organic compounds area unit derived from fossil fuels or stuff  Introduction •Most current analysis focuses on Organic •Originally from “organic” that means life •Not simply chemistry of life, chemistry of carbon xceptions: –oxides of carbon (CO2, CO) –carbonates,bicarbonates(NaHCO3,CaCO3) cyanides (NaCN, etc) •Carbon will kind four bonds… 

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