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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Carbon and Its Compound important Questions with answer

 Carbon and Its Compound  important Questions with answer

 Q.1 What name is given to the reaction which take place when Ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in the presence of conc. Sulphuric acid ? Name the products obtained in this reaction.
Ans-When ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in presence of conc. H2SO4 .the reaction is called esterification .In this reaction products formed are ethyl ethanoate and water. CH3COOH+CH3CH2OH -------Conc. H2SO4 ------àCH3COOCH2CH3+H2O

 Q.2 What is bromination ? Write the structural formula of product obtained on bromination of propene.
 Ans –The addition of bromine to unsaturated hydrocarbon is called bromination. H-CH2-CH=CH2 +Br2 ---------→ CH3-CHBr-CH2Br

Q.3 Define covalency ?
Ans-The number of electrons contributed by an atom in the formation of a covalent bond is called the covalency. The covalency of an element in a covalent compound is equal to the number of covalent bond formed by an atom of the element with other atom.
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Q4. Write the structural formula of the isomers of n-butane?
 Ans-i -CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 n-Butane. ii-CH3-CH-CH3 iso-Butane I CH3

Q5.Name the organic acid present in vinegar.Write its Chemical formula also.
Ans-Ethanoic acid. Its chemical formula is CH3COOH.

Q 6. The structural formula of an ester is HCOOCH2CH2CH3 write the formula of acid and the alcohol from which it is made ?
Ans-To write the formula of the acid and the alcohol add −COO bond of the ester so that −OH goes with −CO part ; Acid HCOOH and the alcohol CH3CH2CH2OH

Q7. What happens when ethanol reacts with (i) sodium (ii) potassium permanganate solution.
Ans-(i) with sodium metal ,sodium ethoxide formed. 2CH3CH2OH+2Na -à 2CH3CH2ONa + H2 (ii) With alkaline potassium permanganate, ethanol is oxidised to ethanoic acid. CH3CH2OH+2[O] --------KMnO4 /ii)DIL.H2SO4 -----àCH3COOH+H2O

Q8. What is hydrogenation? Write its industrial application.
Ans- The addition of hydrogen to an unsaturated hydro- carbon is called hydrogenation. This process takes place in the presence of nickel or palladium metal as catalyst.
i) it is used to prepare vegetable ghee from vegetable oil
ii) Vegetable oil such as ground nut, cottonseed oil are unsaturated and contain double bonds (C=C) On hydrogenation in the presence of catalyst , vegetable oil produces vanaspati ghee.                                                      

Q9.Give a test that can be used to differentiate between butter and cooking oil ?
Ans-If a carbon compound decolorises bromine water ,it will be an unsaturated compound . Thus we can distinguish between a cooking oil and butter. i) cooking oil decolorises bromine water, this shows that it is an unsaturated compound . ii) butter does not decolorise bromine water .This shows that it is a saturated compound .

Q10.Give the names of the functional group;- (i) –CHO (ii) -C=O ( iii) –OH (iv) –COOH
 Ans- (i) Aldehyde group (ii) Ketone group (iii) alcoholic (iv) carboxylic

  Section A – one mark each

1. Alcohols can be produced by the hydration of.
2. Write the name of C60 molecule.
3. The property of carbon to form a long chain in compounds is called ……………
4. Which of the following compounds have triple bond

C2H4, C3H4 and C3H6
5. The general formula CnH2n for cyclo alkanes is the same as that of ………….
6. Write structure formula of 2- methyl propane.
7. The IUPAC name of acetylene is …………………
8. Name the functional groups present in the following compounds

9. ------and ------are molecular formula of ethanol and propane.
10. The IUPAC name of CH3CHO is ---------------

Section B – 2 marks each

11. Write the chemical equation of the reaction which takes place during burning of ethanol in air.

12. The molecular formula present in ester C3H7COOC2H5. Write the molecular formula of the alcohol and the acid from which it might be prepared.

13. A mixture of ethyne and oxygen is used for welding. Can you justify why a mixture of ethyne and air is not-used?

14. Write the reaction which is used as a test for ethanol and dehydration of ethanol.

15. What is reaction with ethanoic acid with ethanol?

Section C – 3 marks each

16.Write any three physical and chemical properties of ethanoic acid.

17. Write any three tests of carboxylic acids.

18. How many structural isomers are possible for pentane? Draw the structural formulae of all the possible isomers of pentane.

19. What are enzymes? Name the enzymes required for the fermentation of sugar cane to ethanol?

20. The formula of an ester is C3H7COOC2H5 write the formulae of the acid and alcohol from which the ester is prepared.
                                        Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q.1: Which of the following is not a saturated hydrocarbon ?
(a) cyclohexane (b) benzene (c) butane (d) isobutane

Q.2: The bond between two identical nonmetallic atom has a pair of electron ?
(a) unequally shared between two atoms 
(b) transferred completely from one atom to another 
(c) With identical spins
(d) Equally shared between them

Q.3: Covalent compounds are generally –
(a) Soluble in water (b) insoluble in water
(c) Ionize in water (d) hydrolyse in water

Q.4: Propane with molecular formula C3H8 has –
(a) 7 covalent bonds (b) 8 covalent bonds
(c) 9 covalent bonds (d) 10 covalent bonds

Q.5: A hydrocarbon reacts with ammonical cuprous chloride solution to form a red precipitate, the hydrocarbon is –
(a) Ethane (b) ethane (c) butane (d) 1-propyne

Q.6: Which of the following substance is added to denature Ethanol?
(a) Methanol (b) pyridine (c) copper sulphate (d) all of these

Q.7: Which of the following is not an allotropic form of carbon ?
(a) fluorine (b) fullerene (c) diamond (d) graphite

Q.8: Which of the following represents the correct deceasing order of hydrogen atoms ?
(a) alkanes, alkenes, alkynes (b) alkanes, alkynes, alkenes
(c) alkenes, alkynes, alkanes (d) alkynes, alkanes, alkenes

Q.9: Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of long chain of :
(a) aldehydes (b) ketones (c) carboxylic acid (d) sulphonic acid

Q.10: Which of the following represents the structure of N2 molecule ?

Q.11: In double covalent bond there is a sharing of
(a) 2 electrons (b) 4 electrons (c) 6 electrons (d) 3 electrons

Q.12: Cation is formed when
(a) atom gains electrons (b) atom losses electrons
(c) proton is lost by the atom (d) atom shared by electrons

Q.13: The total number of electrons that take part in forming a bond in N2 is
(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 10

Q.14: Which of the following has the weakest carbon-carbon strength ?
(a) C2H2 (b) C2H4 (c) C2H6 (d) all have the same bond strength

Q.15: Which of the following salt when dissolved in water produce hard water ?

(a) calcium sulphate (b) magnesium bicarbonate (c) calcium chloride (d) any of the above

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Q.1 What name is given to the reaction that occur once acetic acid reacts with alcohol within thepresence of conc. sulfuric acid ? Name the merchandise obtained during this reaction.
Ans-When acetic acid reacts with alcohol in presence of conc. H2SO4 .the reaction is namedesterification .In this reaction merchandise fashioned square measure ethyl group salt and water. CH3COOH+CH3CH2OH -------Conc. H2SO4 ------àCH3COOCH2CH3+H2O
Q.2 what's bromination ? Write the molecular formula of product obtained on bromination of propylene.
Ans –The addition of atomic number 35 to unsaturated organic compound is named bromination. H-CH2-CH=CH2 +Br2 ---------→ CH3-CHBr-CH2Br
Q.3 outline valence ?
Ans-The variety of electrons contributed by Associate in Nursing atom within the formation of a bondis named the valence. The valence of part|a component|part|a part} {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} valency compound is adequate to the quantity of bond fashioned by an atom of the element with different atom
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    This is very uncommon but required witting shared here. Your sharing various science formulas will help to do various science related problem very easily. If you feel free, you can check it to be rich in your knowledge. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi,
    This is very uncommon but required witting shared here. Your sharing various science formulas will help to do various science related problem very easily. If you feel free, you can check it to be rich in your knowledge. Thanks a lot.


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