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Friday, 25 December 2015

TEST PAPER Periodic classification

   TEST PAPER  Periodic classification ,cbse chemistry class 10 notes,
                                TEST PAPER
1. Arrange the following is descending atomic size Na, Mg, K (1)

2. Give the name and electronic configuration of second alkali metal? (1) 

3. What is the similarity in the electronic configuration of Mg, Ca and Sr? (1) 
   TEST PAPER  Periodic classification

4. Which is bigger in size Na, Na+(1) 

5. Name three elements which behave as metalloids? (1) 

6. Alkali metals form positive ions why? (2) 

7. Why non-metals are called electro negative elements? (2) 

8. How were the positions of different isotopes decided in the modern periodic table? (2) 

9. Hydrogen is regarded as a rogue element in the periodic table. Discuss. (2) 

10. Explain Dobereiner’s Law of triads along with an example (2) 

11. Calcium is an element with Z = 20 (3) 
(a) Is it a metal or a non-metal? 
(b) Will its size be more or smaller than that of potassium? 
(c) Write the formula of its chloride 

12. Answer these questions 
(a) Name the elements present in the third period and classify them into metals and non-metals. 
(b) On which side of the table do you find the metals? 
(c) On which side of the table do you find the non-metals? (3) 

13. Table is a part of periodic table H He Li Be B C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar Use this table and explain why 
(a) Li and Na are considered as active metals 
(b) Atomic size of Mg is less than that of Na
(c) Fluorine is more reactive than chlorine. (3) 

14. Write two major shortcomings of Mendeleev’s periodic table? How have these been removed in the modern periodic table? 

15. Define atomic radius of an element. How does it vary along the period and group?

Chemistry for class 10....

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