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Thursday, 24 December 2015

MCQ biology test Paper

MCQ  biology test Paper  for medical entrance exam ,cet ,ctet,polytechnic entrance exam,
1 Cell is a Latin word for ‘a little room’. Who coined the term cell? 

a) Robert Book 
b) Robert Hooke 
c) Charles Hooke 
d) Leeuwenhoek 

2 Plasma membrane is 
a) Semi permeable 
b) permeable 
c) Selectively permeable 
d) Non permeable 

3 Movement of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane is called 
a) diffusion 
b) osmosis 
c) Plasmolysis 
d) None of the above 

4 A prokaryotic cell 
a) Do not have defined nuclear membrane 
b) Do not have membrane bounded cell organelles 
c) Have a single chromosome 
d) All of the above 

5 ______ is a system of membrane bound vesicles arranged parallel to each other in stacks called cisterns. 
a) Golgi apparatus 
b) Plastid 
c) Lysosome 

6 Chromoplasts are plant pigments which give ______ 
a) green 
b) No colour 
c) Colour other than green 
d) All of the above 

7 Mitochondria 
a) Is called power-house of the cell 
b) Have their own DNA 
c) Double membrane organelle 
d) All of the above 

8 Lysosome is called suicide bag of the cell because 
a) It causes any cell to commit suicide 
b) It’s enzyme digest the cell itself 
c) It kills surrounding cells 
d) All of the above 

9 The difference between plant cell and animal cell is that 
a) Plant cell have cell wall which animal cell do not 
b) Plant cell do not have vacuole while animal cell do have 
c) Plant cell have only cell membrane while animal cell have both cell wall 
d) Plant cell have more plastids while animal cell have few plastidsand cell membrane 

10 When raisins are kept in plain water, water enters the raisins because 
a) Raisins do not have water 
b) Water can enter any where 
c) Raisin contain dilute solution inside 
d) Raisin contains concentrated solution inside

11 The girth of stem or root increases due to growth of 
a) Lateral meristem 
b) Apical meristem 
c) Intercalary meristem 
d) Girth meristem 

12 Cells of Schlerenchyma tissue is dead and hard due to deposits of 
a) pectin 
b) lignin 
c) cellulose 
d) sucrose 

13 Xylem consists of ________, ________, Xylem parenchyma and Xylem fibres 
a) Sieve tube, Companion cell 
b) Tracheid, Sieve tube 
c) Tracheid, vessel 
d) Vessel, Companion cell 

14 Phloem contains 
a) Sieve tube 
b) tracheid 
c) vessel 
d) All of these 

15 Inner lining of the mouth and oesophagus are covered with 
a) Ciliated columner epithelium 
b) Cuboidal epiothelium 
c) Stratified squamous epithelium 
d) Squamous epithelium 

16 Tendons connect 
a) Bone to bone 
b) Muscle to bone 
c) Muscle to muscle 
d) None of the above

17 Striated muscles 
a) Are also called skeletal muscles 
b) Are also voluntary muscle 
c) Have dark and light bands 
d) All of the above 

18 Dendrites are 
a) Short branched parts in a neuron 
b) Transmitting part of a neuron 
c) Muscle tissue 
d) An adhesive to bind animal cells 

19 Adipose tissue
a) Acts as insulator to the body 
b) Found below skin & between organs 
c) Is fat storing tissue 
d) All of the above 

20 Which of the following is not a connective tissue 
a) bone 
b) cartilage 
c) blood 
d) nerve

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