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Thursday, 24 December 2015

MCQ biology Test

1 Eukaryotic unicellular organisms are grouped in the kingdom
 a) Monera 
b) Protista 
c) Fungi 
d) Plantae 

2 An organism having some characteristics of plant and animal kingdom is
 a) Paramoecium 
b) Amoeba 
c) Euglena 
d) Giraffe 

3 Amphibians of the plant kingdom are the
a) Algae 
b) Gymnosperms
c) Pteridophytes 
d) Bryophytes 

4 Pinus and Cycas belongs to the group 
a) Angiosperms 
b) Gymnosperms 
c) Bryophytes 
d) Pteridophytes 

5 Platyhelminthes have 
a) Three germ layers 
b) No true coelom 
c) Dorso-ventrally flattened body 
d) All of the above features 

6 Octopus, Pila and Unio belongs to the phylum 
a) Echinodermata 
b) Mollusca 
c) Arthropoda 
d) Annelida 

7 Which character is not found in Vertebrates 
a) Presence of notochord 
b) Having paired gill pouches 
c) Having ventral nerve chord 
d) Having coelom 

8 Ravi caught an animal and was confused with the phylum the animal belongs to. Help Ravi to identify the phylum based on his observation of the animal which had four feet, three chambered lungs, lacked scales, had mucus glands on the surface. The animal belonged to 

a) Amphibia 
b) Reptilia
c) Mammalia 
d) Aves 

9 Which of the following is not a fish 
a) Shark 
b) Rohu 
c) Whale 
d) Electric Ray 

10 Echidna and Platypus which lay eggs belongs to the class 
a) Mammalia 
b) Reptilia 
c) Amphibia 
d) Aves  

11 Which of the following disease combination is caused by virus 
a) Influenza, Dengue, AIDS 
b) Influenza, Kala azar, Haemophilia 
c) Sleeping sickness, Kala azar, Dengue 
d) Influenza, Kala azar, Dengue 

12 Antibiotics generally 
a) Are toxic to bacteria 
b) Directly kills the bacteria 
c) Blocks biochemical pathways of bacteria 
d) Suffocates the bacteria 

13 Which of the diseases is not spread by casual physical contact 
a) Syphilis
b) AIDS 
c) Both a and b 
d) Neither a nor b 

14 The virus for Japanese encephalitis enters into our body through 
a) Bite of a mad dog 
b) Bite of a mosquito 
c) Taking in foul air 
d) Drinking contaminated water 

15 If liver is the target for infection the person is expected to suffer from 
a) breathlessness
b) vomitting 
c) cough 
d) Jaundice 

16 Common cold, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis are 
a) Air borne diseases 
b) Water borne diseases 
c) soil borne diseases 
d) vector borne diseases 

17 The immune system 
a) Fights and kills pathogens 
b) Develops antibodies for future attacks 
c) Remembers previous infections 
d) All of the above 

18 Leishmania causes 
a) Sleeping sickness 
b) Acne 
c) SARS 
d) Kala azar 

19 Sleeping sickness is caused by 
a) Leishmania 
b) Trypanosoma 
c) Ascaris 
d) Staphylococcus 

20 Kala Azar caused by a 

a) Nematode 
b) Protozoa 
c) Virus 
d) Bacteria 

21 Nitrogen constitutes _____ % of our atmosphere
 a) 28 
b) 58 
c) 68 
d) 78 

22 Water pollution involves 
a) Addition of undesirable substances into water bodies 
b) Removal of desirable substances from water bodies 
c) Causing a change in temperature in water bodies 
d) All of the above 

23 Acid rain is 
a) Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dissolved in atmosphere during rain b) Rain of acid and no water 
c) Creating a fountain of acid 
d) None of the above 

24 _______ are pollution indicator plants 
a) Mycorrhiza 
b) Lichen 
c) Rose 
d) Marigold 

25 In coastal areas during the day the air above the land gets heated faster and thus 
a) Air from the land rushes towards the sea 
b) Air from the land and sea rushes towards each other and collides 
c) Air from the sea rushes towards the land 
d) Air from the land rushes towards the sea creating a vacuum on the land 

26 During lightening, high temperature and pressure converts nitrogen into 
a) Carbonates of Nitrogen 
b) Oxides of Nitrogen 
c) Carbonic acid 
d) Sulphates of Nitrogen 

27 Heat trapped in the earth like glass house causes increase in temperature of the earth. This is called _______ 
a) Red house effect 
b) White house effect 
c) Green- house effect 
d) Sun heating effect 

28 _____ is the major process through which Oxygen is returned to the atmosphere. 
a) Photosynthesis 
b) Respiration 
c) Combustion 
d) All of the above 

29 Elemental oxygen in the atmosphere is normally found in the form of a) Single atom 
b) Diatomic molecule 
c) Compound with other elements 
d) Triatomic molecule 

30 Ozone layer depletion is caused by 
a) AFCs 
b) BFCs 
c) CFCs 
d) DFCs

31 Growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field in a definite pattern is referred to as 
a) Crop rotation 
b) Inter cropping 
c) Mixed cropping 
d) Crop alternation 

32 An Italian variety bee introduced in Indian apiculture is 
a) Apis florae 
b) Apis dorsata 
c) Apis cerana 
d) Apis mellifera 

33 Crops grown in rainy season are called 
a) Kharif crops 
b) Rabi crops 
c) Rain crop 
d) All of the above 

34 Out of the 16 nutrients essential to plants, ____ number are classified as macro nutrients 
a) 4 
b) 8 
c) 6 
d) 12 

35 Green manure is prepared by 
a) Applying green fertilizer 
b) Colouring the manure into green 
c) ploughing and mulching sun hemp 
d) adding leaves and stems into the soil 

36 In India agriculture irrigation is done by 
a) Dug or tube wells 
b) Canals
c) River lift system 
d) All of the above 

37 Jersey and Brown Swiss are 
a) Exotic breeds of cattle having short lactation periods 
b) Exotic breeds of cattle having longer lactation periods 
c) Desi (Local) breeds of cattle having longer lactation periods 
d) Desi (Local) breeds of cattle having short lactation periods 

38 Bos indicus is the scientific name of 
a) pig 
b) sheep 
c) buffalo 
d) cow 
39 In poultry farms, broilers are raised for their 
a) egg
 b) Both egg and meat 
c) meat 
d) Neither egg nor meat 

40 Which of the following is not a marine fish 
a) Pomfret 
b) Rohu 
c) Tuna 
d) Bombay duck

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