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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Work Problem related Questions

Work  Problem  related Questions
Test paper : work  problems 
Q1. If 5men or 7women can earn Rs875per day, how much would 10men and 5women earn per day. 

Q2 The cost of 16packets of salt, each weighing 900g, is Rs84. Find the cost of 27packets of salt, each weighing 1kg. 
Work  Problem  related Questions

Q3. If 3persons can weave 168shawls in 14days, how many shawls will be woven by 8persons in 5days? 

Q4.If the cost of transporting 160kgof goods for 125kmis Rs60. What will be the cost of transporting 200kgof goods for 400km? 

Q5. If the wages of 15workers for 6days are Rs9450, find the wages of 19 workers for 5days.            

Q6. Rani types 450words in half an hour. How many words would she type in 12minutes? 

Q7. If the thickness of 1000sheets of paper is 7cm, then what would be he thickness of 575sheets of this paper? 

Q8. It takes a production line 45hoursto make 120cars. How long does it take to make 300cars? 

Q9. If Ram is paid Rs810for 9hoursof work, then how much will he be paid for 19hours of work? 

Q10. Rani takes 5 hours in walking a distance of 30km. What distance would she cover in 8 hours? 

Q11. 6 oxen or 8 cows can graze a field in 28days. How long would 9oxen and 2cows take to graze the same field? 
Q12. 70patients in a hospital consume 1350litresof milk in 30days. At the same rate, how many patients will consume 1710litresin 28days? 
Q13. Five machines, when operated for 9hourseach day can harvest a farm in 16days. How many days would 8machines take to harvest the same farm, if each machine is now operated for 10hoursa day?               
Q14. 6 typists working 5hoursa day can type the manuscript of a book in 16days. How many days will 4typist take to do the same job, each working 6 hours a day? 
Q15. If 270kgof corn would feed 42horses for 21days, for how many days would 360kgof it feed 21horses? 
Q16.  6 men working 8hoursa day, earn Rs8400per week. What will be the earning per week of 9men who work for 6hoursa day? 
Q17. If 20men can build a 112mlong wall in 6days, what will be the length of a similar wall that can be built by a 25men in 3days? 
Q18. 39 persons can repair a road in 12days, working 5hoursa day. In how many days will 30persons, working 6hoursa day, complete the work? 
Q19. If 18binders can bind 900books in 10days, how many binders will be required to bind 660books in 12days? 
Q20.A fort had provision for 300men for 90days. After 20days, 50men left the fort. How long would the food last at the same rate? 
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