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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss
1. Summi  buys a colour T.V set for Rs. 15,200 and sells it at a loss of 20%. What is the selling price of the T.V set?

2. A scooty is sold for Rs.  13,600 and fetches a loss of 15%. Find the cost price of the scooty.

3. The cost price of 11 pens is equal to the selling price of 10 pens. Find the loss or gain percent

4. By selling a table for Rs. 1,320, a trader gains 10%. Find the C.P. of the table.

5. The cost price of 16 note books is equal to the selling price of 12 note books. Find the gain percent.

6. A man sold two articles at Rs. 375 each. On the first article, he gains 25% and on the other, he looses 25%. How much does he gain or lose in the whole transaction? Also, find the gain or loss percent in the whole transaction.7. Anbarasan purchased a house for Rs 17,75,000 and spent Rs 1,25,000 on its interior  decoration. He sold the house to make a profit of 20%. Find the S.P. of the house.

8. After spending Rupees sixty thousand for remodelling a house, Amla sold a house at a profit of 20%. If the selling price was Rupees forty two lakhs, how much did she spend to buy the house?

9. Jaikumar bought a plot of land in the outskits of the city for Rs 21,00,000. Hebuilt a wall around it for which he spent Rs 1,45,000. And then he wants to sell itat Rs 25,00,000 by making an advertisement in the newspaper which costs him Rs 5,000. Now, find his profit percent.

10. A man sold two varieties of his dog for Rs 3,605 each. On one he made a gain of 15% and on the other a loss of 9%. Find his overall gain or loss. [Hint: Find C.P. of each]

11. A man sells two wrist watches at Rs 594 each. On one he gains 10% and on the other he loses 10%. Find his gain or loss percent on the whole

12. Raju bought a motorcycle for Rs 36,000 and then bought some extra fittings to make it perfect and good looking. He sold the bike at a profit of 10% and he got a selling price of Rs.44,000. How much did he spend for the extra fittings made for the motorcycle?


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