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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nature topic Questions with answer

Nature topic Questions with answer

1. Define these terms:
a. Flora:                                
The plants found in a particular area is called flora of that area
b. Wild life sanctuary       
Wildlife sanctuaries is protected area reserved for wild animals, birds and plants
c. Biosphere reserve
The protected area in which multiple use of land is permitted to conserve biodiversity.
d. Fauna
The animals found in a particular area are called fauna of that area.

2. Differentiate between the following:

a. Endangered and Extinct species            b. Endemic and exotic species

3. Answer these Questions

a. What is red Data book?
Answer: Red data book contain a record of all those species of plants and animal which are under the threat of extinction or are rare and vulnerable for extinction.

b. Define deforestation and Afforestation and Give consequences of deforestation?
Answer: Deforestation is the practice of cutting down of trees whereas the practice of planting more trees is called Afforestation.
Nature topic Questions with answer

Following are the consequences of deforestation:
a. Global warming      b. Climatic change         c. Desertification    d. Drought and flood
e. Soil erosion and loss of wild life

c. Mention the effect of deforestation on environments, wild animal and soil?
Answer: The effect of deforestation on environments: Deforestation increases the temperature and wind speed which causes global warming.

d. Why is tiger an endangered species?

Answer: Tiger is an endangered species because tiger will soon became extinct if the same causative factors continue.

e. What are the major threats to wild life?
Answer: Following are the major threats to wild life:
(i) Habitat loss (ii) Indiscriminate killing and poaching (iii) pollution of air water and soil pollution

f. Why biosphere reserve the best way of wild life conservation?

Answer: This is because biosphere reserves not only help in maintaining the biodiversity but also create awareness to maintain culture of that area.  

g. Human population is a threat to biodiversity? Justify?

Answer: Human population is a threat to biodiversity because more and more land of forest is cleared to fulfill the needed of growing population. 

h. List major steps taken by government to conserve biodiversity in India?
Answer: Following are the major steps taken by government to conserve biodiversity in India:
(i) Creation of protected area like park sanctuaries and biosphere reserve
(ii) Making strict low to prevent poaching
(iii) Making captivity for breading
(iv) Starting project to save endangered animals 

i. Write notes on (i) project tiger (ii) Gir lion project
 (i) Project Tiger: Project tiger is a program launched by government that saves tiger from poaching by making 23 tiger reserve.
(ii) Gir lion project :  Gir lion project started by Gujarat government in 1972 to protect Asian lion.

j. What does IUCN Stands for?

Answer: IUCN Stands for The international Union for Conserve of Nature and Natural Resources.

k. What do you know about Chipko movement?
Answer: Chipko movement is started by Sundar Lal Bahuguna in Uttarakhand to save tree.  The women of village embraced the tree and protest cutting of tree. 

Hots Questions:

1. Why rainfall reduced in Cherrapunji which once had the highest rain fall?
Answer: Rainfall in Cherrapunji greatly reduced by loss of forest cover to create space for growing population and for cement industries.

2. How does over grazing lead to desertification?
Answer: over grazing reduce the grass cover of land and expose the soil to the atmospheric air. The Soil dries up and its humus layer is lost which slowly changed grass land into desert.

Q. Give any two examples of the endemic flora of Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve.
Answer.  Sal and wild mango.

Q. Why is species of some animal become endangered?
Answer. Some species of animal become endangered, because of the disturbances in their natural habitat.

Q. Why migratory birds migrated from one place 'to another?
Answer. Migratory birds migrate to overcome climatic changes. For example, Surkhab migrated from Malaysia.

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