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Monday, 2 November 2015

CTET/ TET Teacher Eligibility science Test Paper

CTET/ TET Teacher Eligibility 
               Test  Paper

1. Bakelite is used in making electrical appliances because it is a 
(1) thermoplastic 
(2) good conductor of heat 
(3) good conductor of electricity 
(4) good insulator of electricity  

2. In which of the following cases of motion, are the distance moved and the magnitude of displacement equal
(1) A car moving on a straight road 
(2) A car moving in a circular path 
(3) A pendulum oscillating to and fro 
(4) The Earth revolving around the Sun 

 3. LED and CFL are very commonly used as sources of light in homes. Which of the following statements is true ? 
(1) CFL is better because LED contains toxic materials 
(2) LED is better because CFL contains toxic materials 
(3) Both are equally good 
(4) Neither of them is good because both contain toxic materials

4. An air bubble inside water behaves like a 
(1) concave lens 
(2) convex lens 
(3) plano-convex lens 
(4) concave mirror 

5. A feather weighing 5 gm and a nail weighing 10 gm have the same kinetic energy. Which of the following statements is true about the momentum of the two bodies ? 
(1) The lighter body will have higher momentum 
(2) The heavier body will have higher momentum 
(3) Both will have equal momentum 
(4) It is not possible to compare the momentum. of two objects

6. If the pressure over a liquid increases, its boiling point 
(1) decreases 
(2) Increases 
(3) does not change 
(4) first decreases and then increases 

7. A doctor prescribes a medicine to treat hyperacidity. The main ingredient of the medicine is 
(1) Al(OH)3 
(2) MgCl2 
(3) CaC03 
(4) Na2C03 

8. Non-metallic oxides 
(1) are acidic in nature 
(2) are basic in nature 
(3) are amphoteric in nature 
(4) turn red litmus paper blue 

9. The inner surfaces of food cans are coated with tin and not with zinc because 
(1) zinc is costlier than tin 
(2) zinc is more reactive than tin 
(3) zinc has a higher melting point than tin 
(4) zinc is less reactive than tin 

10. A man goes door to door posing as a goldsmith. He promises to bring back the glitter on dull gold ornaments. An unsuspecting woman gives a set of gold bangles to him which he dips in a particular solution. The bangles sparkle but their weight has considerably reduced. The solution used by the impostor probably is 
(1) dil. HCI 
(2) cone. HCI 
(3) a mixture of cone. HCI and cone. HN03 
(4) cone. HN03 

11. Bleeding is stopped by the application of alum to a wound because 
(1) the wound is plugged by the alum chunk 
(2) alum coagulates the blood and forms a clot 
(3) alum reduces the temperature near the wound 
(4) alum is an antiseptic 

12. When an iron nail is dipped in copper sulphate solution, the colour of copper sulphate solution fades and a brownish layer is deposited over the iron nail. This is an example of 
(1) combination reaction 
(2) decomposition reaction 
(3) double displacement reaction 
(4) displacement and redox reactions 

13. While diluting sulphuric acid, it is recommended that the acid should be added to water because
(1) acid has strong affinity for water 
(2) acid may break the glass container 
(3) dilution of acid is highly exothermic 
(4) dilution of acid is highly endothermic  

14. The thumb of humans moves more freely than other fingers due to the presence of 
(1) pivotal joint 
(2) gliding joint 
(3) hinge joint 
(4) saddle joint  

15. Root cap is absent in 
(1) Xerophytes 
(2) Hydrophytes 
(3) Mesophytes 
(4) Halophytes 

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