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Thursday, 5 November 2015

CTET Sample paper "science"-2

CTET Sample paper "science"-2

1. Inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals is called as :
(A) Gout
(B) Myasthenia gravis
(C) Osteoporosis
(D) Osteomalacia

2. Chromosomes are visible with chromatids at this phase of mitosis :
(A) Interphase
(B) Prophase
(C) Metaphase
(D) Anaphase

3. Inheritance of ABO blood grouping is an example of :
(A) Dominance
(B) Codominance
(C) Incomplete dominance
(D) All of these

4. In a dihybrid cross between RRYY and rryy parents, the number of RrYy genotypes in F2 generation will be :
(A) 4
(B) 3
(C) 2
(D) 1

5. Identify a 47, + 21 disorder from the following :
(A) Down’s syndrome
(B) Turner’s syndrome
(C) Phenylketonuria
(D) Klinefelter’s syndrome

6. Uracil is present in RNA at the place of :
(A) Adenine
(B) Guanine
(C) Cytosine
(D) Thymine

7. Copying genetic information from one strand of DNA into RNA is :
(A) Translation
(B) Transcription
(C) Transformation
(D) Transduction
8. S. L. Miller’s closed flask contained :
(A) CH4
(B) H2
(C) NH3
 and Water vapour
(D) All of these

9. Change of frequency of alleles in a population results in evolution is proposed in :
(A) Darwin’s theory
(B) Lamarck’s theory
(C) Hardy-Weinberg principle
(D) De Vries theory

10. One of the following is the vestigial organ in human beings :
(A) Nictitating membrane
(B) Spleen
(C) Femur
(D) Tibia

11. The golden age of reptiles is :
(A) Cenozoic era
(B) Palaeozoic era
(C) Mesozoic era
(D) Silurian period

12. The theory of use and disuse of organ was proposed by :
(A) Darwin
(B) Lamarck
(C) De Vries
(D) Hooker

13. One of the following theories were proposed by Weissman :
(A) Law of inheritance
(B) Theory of inheritance of acquired characters
(C) Theory of natural selection
(D) Theory of germplasm

14. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny—
this theory is called :
(A) Biogenetic law
(B) Law of embryology
(C) Law of acquired characters
(D) Law of Bridges

15. The brain capacity of Homoerectus is :
(A) 800 cc
(B) 900 cc
(C) 1200 cc
(D) 1400 cc

16. An example of Innate immunity is :
(A) PMNL-neutrophils
(B) T-lymphocytes
(C) B-lymphocytes
(D) TH cells

17. Cocaine is extracted from :
(A) Erythroxylum coca
(B) Cannabis sativa
(C) Papaver somniferum
(D) Atropa belladonna

18. The enzyme that cuts DNA is :
(A) DNA-polymerase
(B) DNA-ligase
(C) DNA-lyase
(D) Restriction endonuclease

19. In the association between two organisms, if one organism is benefited and the other is not benefited, this relationship is known as :
(A) Symbiotism
(B) Mutualism
(C) Commensalism
(D) Parasitism

20. Opiate narcotics drugs are :
(A) Antianxiety
(B) Analgesic
(C) Hypnotic
(D) Antihistamine

21. The drug useful to increase cardiovascular effects in human beings is :
(A) Cocaine
(B) Barbiturate
(C) Benzodiazetine
(D) Insulin

22. In echolocation, the animal that produces high frequency sounds is :
(A) Monkey
(B) Butterfly
(C) Squirrel
(D) Bat

23. Two kingdoms constantly figured in all biological classifications are :
(A) Plantae and Animalia
(B) Monera and Animalia
(C) Protista and Animalia
(D) Protista and Plantae

24. The dioecious animal is :
(A) Liverfluke
(B) Hookworm
(C) Tapeworm
(D) Earthworm

25. Comb plates are found in :
(A) Adamsia
(B) Aurelia
(C) Nereis
(D) Pleurobrachia

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