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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

THE CELL,objective questions,

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1. Basic structural units of living organisms are _________
2. Three ways in which cells differ are ________________, _______________ and ____________
3. Largest animal cell is __________________________
4. Name 2 cells which change shape continuously ____________________, ______________________
5. Smallest cell is _______________________________
6. A unicellular Algae _________________________
7. An egg consists ________________________, _________________________
8. Long and branched cell in human body is _________________________
9. 3 basic cell parts are ______________________, __________________ and ____________________
10. Animal Cell is bounded by _____________________
11. Outer layer in plant cell is _______________________
12. Function of cell membrane and cell wall- ______________________________
13. Suicide bags of the cell.________________
14. Boss of the cell is ____________________
15. Power house of the cell is _______________________
16. Chloroplasts are found only in ____________
17. Protoplasm which is between nucleus and plasma membrane is _____________________
18. Non-Living component of the cell wall._______________________
19. Instrument used in biology lab to magnify objects_______________

20. Cells lacking nuclear membrane are (Prokaryotic cells/ Eukaryotic cells)

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