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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Fill in the blanks :
1. Asteroids are found between the orbits of _____________ and _____________.
2. The celestial body that reaches the earth is called ______________________.
3. Orion is seen during _______________________ seasons.
4. On the fifteenth day the moon is not visible. This day is known as ______________.
5. The various shapes of the bright part of the moon as seen during a month are called ____________________.
6. A planet which appears yellowish is ____________________.
7. __________________________ is not a member of the solar system.
8. The planet which appears reddish in colour is _____________________.
9. First artificial satellite launched by India is _____________________-.
10. The smallest planet is _________________.
Answer the following questions :
1. What is the speed of light ?
2. Name the star which is nearest to the earth.
3. What is the name of path on which planets revolves around the sun ?
4. Why do we see only the part of the moon?
5. Name the planet where there is no carbon dioxide.
6. Write other name of constellation Great Bear.
7. Which planet is called morning and evening star.
8. Why is the distance between stars expressed in light years ?
9. What is alight year?
10. How big is the sun as compared to earth?
11. Why are stars not visible during daytime ?
12. Why does the pole star not change its position in the sky ?
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