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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

SOUND,objective questions ,

SOUND,objective questions ,physics for class 8,ssc,ctet,
SOUND,objective questions ,physics for class 8,ssc,ctet,

Fill in the blanks :
1. Time taken by an object to complete one oscillation is called _______________.
2. Loudness is determined by the _______________________of vibration.
3. The unit of frequency is ________________________.
4. Unwanted sound is called ______________________.
5. Shrillness of a sound is determined by the __________________________.
6. The number of oscillation in one second is called ____________________.
7. The hearing range of human ear is _____________
8. Sound cannot travel in __________________.
9. Sound can travel in _____________________.
10. The pitch of sound depends on __________________.
Choose the correct answer :
1. Ear drum is a part of ____________________ [ sound producing organ or hearing organ]
2. The voice box is also called _________________ [ Larynx / mouth]
3. Large amplitude of sound vibrations will produce __________________________
[ Loud sound / slow sound]
4. Voice of which of following is likely to have minimum frequency _____________________________ [ Baby girl / A woman]
5. The unit of loudness is ________________ ( decibel / Hertz)
Answer the following :
1. Name the sound producing organ in human.
2. How does sound travel from one place to another ?
3. How is sound produced ?
4. What do you mean by musical sound ?
5. How does the amplitude affect the loudness of vibration?
6. What is noise pollution?
7. What is outer part of ear is called ?
8. What are the two main properties of a sound.
9. Which help us to recognize sound?
10. On which factors loudness of sound depend?
11. What is infrasonic vibration? What is their range in Hertz?
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