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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


       REPRODUCTION IN ANIMALS,important questions for exam,class8,ssc,cet,ctet,science ,general science,
Fill in the blanks :
1. ___________________________ is essential for the continuation of a species.
2. ___________________________ reproduction is characterised by the fusion of two cells called gametes.
3. The animals which lay eggs are called _______________ animals.
4. The animals which give birth to young ones are called ___________________.
5. Organisms in which both types of gametes are produced by the same individual are called _____________________.
6. Organisms in which male and female gametes are produced by two different individuals are called __________________.
7. The process of transformation of larva or tadpole into an adult through drastic changes is called _____________________.
8. The type of asexual reproduction in which an individual reproduces by dividing into two individual is called ______________________.
Answer the following questions in one or two words :
1. Name the method of asexual reproduction in which individuals develops from the bud.
2. Give two examples of unisexual organism.
3. Give two examples of bisexual organisms.
4. Name the process of reproduction in Amoeba.
5. Give example of an animal which reproduce by budding.

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