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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

MICRO-ORGANISM ,objective question,

  MICRO-ORGANISM,mcq,important questions for genral science,ssc,ctet,scc,scceducation,education,
  MICRO-ORGANISM,mcq,important questions for genral science,ssc,ctet,scc,scceducation,education,

1. What is microbiology?
2. Study of Algae is called ( Phycology/ Mycology)
3. Antibiotic penicillin is made from ______________( a fungus)
4. Tuberculosis is caused by _________________________.
5. Tetanus disease is caused by _____________________.
6.____________________ fixes atmospheric nitrogen useful to plants.
7. ______________ is used in production of vinegar from alcohol
8.______________is used for production of citric acid in soft drink industries
9. Name the protozoan which Causes Malaria._______________________
10. Name the carrier of Dengue fever. ________________________
11. A micro-organism that has no cellular structure.____________
12. Anthrax is caused by (Virus/ Bacteria/ Fungi)
13. The first antibiotic. ___________________
14. Fungi used in bakeries._________________
15. Algal product used in laboratories.___________________
16. Microbes lying on the border of living and non-living._______________
17. Diseases transmitted from infected person to a healthy person are called as______________
18. Why does sugar solution with yeast powder become alcoholic in taste?
19. Name the scientist:
a) Who discovered the process of fermentation?
b) Who discovered Germ theory of disease?c) Who discovered penicillin?
d) Who developed Vaccine?
20. Name 2 Multicellular
(a) Fungi: ____________, __________________
(b) Algae: ____________, ______________________
21. Name 2 Unicellular
(a) Protozoa________________, ___________________
(b) Algae: _________________, _________________
22. Name 2 bacterial diseases that spread through the medium of
a) AIR: __________________, _______________________
b) Contaminated food and water :____________________,_______________________
23. Expand (a) TB (b) BCG (c) DPT (d) OPV
24. Name 2 Fungi causing food poisoning: ____________________, ________________
25. Name 2 Bacteria causing food poisoning: ____________________, ___________

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