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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

FORCE AND PRESSURE,objective question,

FORCE AND PRESSURE,objective question,
1. S.I unit of pressure is ____________.
2. The amount or the strength of force is called its_______________.
3. Pressure in solid depends upon ________________ and ____________.
4. Pressure in liquids depends upon _____________ and ______________.
5. Force generated by moving of non living materials is called ______________.
6. Give 2 examples of contact forces.
7. Name the scientist who invented a pump to extract air from a vessel.
8. Name the force which acts upon another body without any connector.
9. Name the type of force involved in the following.
a) To pick your school bag. b) To collect scrap iron from garbage.
c) To push or pull a loaded trolley ay supermarket.
d) Flying of seeds away from each other in plastic bag when gently rubbed.
10. Name the device used to measure pressure in fluids.
11. How much force is required to lift a mass of 1Kg (10N/1N).
12. A rolling ball stops after sometime due to (gravitational force/ Frictional force).
13. When 2 forces are applied at the same point but in opposite directions the net force is equalto the (sum/ difference) of forces acting separately.
14. Force used to stretch the spring is (muscular force/ magnetic force)
15. Application of force brings the change in
a) shape and size of object ( b)speed and direction of object (c) position of object

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