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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Diversity HOT Questions with answer

Q1. What is the importance of putting organisms in groups?
Every organism whether plant or animal is unique in itself. There is a wide diversity in the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) in the world. The diversity we see today is the result of 3.5 billion years of organic evolution. During the course of this evolution several species vanished from the surface of the Earth and became extinct. It is estimated that more than fifty times the existing species have become extinct. With such a vast number of organisms - both living and extinct, it
becomes impossible to study every one of them at individual level. This task of studying the diversity of living organisms can be made easier and more effective if the various organisms are arranged in an orderly manner.
Q2. What is the importance of classification?
Importance of Classification is:
 It makes the study of such a wide variety of organisms easy.
 It projects before us a good picture of all life forms at a glance.
 It helps us understand the interrelationship among different groups of organisms.
 It serves as a base for the development of other biological sciences such as biogeography etc.
Q3. Explain the contribution of Carl Linnaeus in the field of classification.
Carl Linnaeus, father of modern botany, was a Swedish naturalist who laid the foundation of modern classification and
nomenclature in 1758. He devised a binomial system of nomenclature (naming system) in which an organism is given
two names:
 A generic name (name of genus) which it shares with other closely related organisms which has features similar
enough to place them in the same group.
 A specific name (name of species) which distinguishes the organism from all other species. No other organism
can have the same combination of genus and species.
The scientific name derived by using the system of nomenclature is followed all over the world as they are guided by a set of rules stated in the International Code of Nomenclature.
Diversity  HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,
Diversity  classification of living organism,HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,

Q7.Name the two sub kingdoms of plant kingdom.
Eichler in 1883 suggested a system to classify the plant kingdom which is well accepted. He said that the plant kingdom is
subdivided into two subkingdoms: Cryptogamae and Phanerogamae.
Q8. What is the characteristic feature of cryptogamae?Name the 3 divisions included in it.
Sub Kingdom Cryptogamae
(crypto-hidden, gammous-marriage)
These are lower plants that do not bear flowers or seeds. They form three divisions.: Thallophyta, Bryophyta, and
Q9. What are the characteristic features of Division Thallophyta?Division Thallophyta
(thallus-undifferentiated, phyta-plant)
 The plant body is not differentiated into stem, root and leaves but is in the form of an undivided thallus.
 Vascular tissues are absent.
 The reproductive organs are single-celled and there is no embryo formation after fertilization.
It includes Algae.
Q10. What are the features of algae?
 Occur in ponds, lakes and fresh water bodies. Sea weeds are found in marine waters.
 May be single celled, colonial or filamentous.
 Are autotrophic i.e., they can prepare their own food with the help of the green pigment i.e., chlorophyll present in
the plant. Sometimes red, blue, yellow and brown pigments are found.
Examples:Spirogyra, Volvox, Eurodivia, Ulothrix
Q11. Mention the features of kingdom Fungi.Fungi
These do not contain chlorophyll and hence are heterotropic and have diverse modes of nutrition. They may be
saprophytic i.e., depending on dead or decaying organic matter. They can be parasitic also.Some fungi like mushrooms
are edible.
Q12. What are lichens?
This is a group which has two varieties of plants, an alga and a fungus living in perfect harmony. They co-exist for mutual
benefit. This relationship is known as symbiosis. The fungus absorbs water and mineral salts and supplies it to the alga.
The alga prepares food and supplies it to the fungus.
Q13. Explain the features of division Bryophyta
Division Bryophyta
 Moss and Liverwort belong to this variety of plants. There are the simplest form of land plants. The plant body is
flat and lack true leaves and roots. The upper surface of the plant body produces a stalk which bears a capsule
Diversity  classification of living organism,HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,

Diversity  classification of living organism,HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,

Diversity  classification of living organism,HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,

Diversity  classification of living organism,HOT Questions with answer,difference between plants and animals,

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