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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


 COMBUSTION AND FLAME test paper,science for class 8,
Name the following

1. The materials which produce heat energy on burning in air.

2. Ignition temperature of Phosphorous.

3. Mixture on which side of match box is coated.

4. Materials which exhibit slow combustion.

5. Any two substances which burst into flames when kept in air for some time.
 COMBUSTION AND FLAME test paper,science for class 8,

6. A region of burning gases.

7. The coldest part of candle flame.

8. A fuel with least calorific value.

9. A gas produced during combustion which causes acid rain.

10. Any three examples of inflammable substances.

11. Any three examples of gaseous fuels.

12. Any three examples of solid fuels.

13. Different zones of candle flame.

14. Process of production of energy in sun.

Tick the correct answer :

1. For the combustion reaction temperature of contribute material should be
(i) Lower than the ignition temperature.
(ii) Higher than the ignition temperature.
(iii) Equal to the ignition temperature.
(iv) None of the above.

2. Which one is an example of combustible substance.
(i) Natural gas
(ii) Glass pieces
(iii) Iron nails
(iv) None of the above.

3. Who were the people who introduced match sticks?
(i) Indians
(ii) Americans
(iii) Egyptians
(iv) British

4. Which of the following is having highest calorific value?
(i) Methane gas
(ii) Biogas
(iii) Hydrogen gas
(iv) CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas)

5. Which of the following gas causes death if inhaled in large amounts?
(i) Carbon dioxide gas
(ii) Carbon monoxide gas
(iii) Nitrogen dioxide gas
(iv) Sulphur dioxide gas

6. In which zone of candle flame a partial combustion of wax vapours takes place.
(i) Dark inner zone
(ii) Blue zone
(iii) Luminous zone
(iv) Non luminous zone

7. Which one is an example of rapid combustion
(i) Burning of charcoal pieces.
(ii) Kerosene oil wick stones
(iii) Burning of cowdung gases
(iv) Phosphorous catches fire in air

Chemistry for class 8 ..





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