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Monday, 14 September 2015

Test paper for Energy,class 10,

Test paper for Energy,class 10,sa1,
TEST PAPER I                                                                                         MARKS-30 
 Questions : 1 to 5 – 1 Mark each
 Questions : 6 to 9 – 2 Marks each
 Questions : 10 to 13 – 3 Marks each
 Question 14 – 5 Marks
Test paper for Energy,class 10,sa1,

1. Which component of sunlight helps in drying of cloths?

2. In what form energy stored in water in high raised dams?

3. Name two places of our country where nuclear power plants are located.

4. What is a solar cell?

5. What type of energy transformation takes place when electric bulb glows?

6. Write two differences between hydroelectricity and thermal electricity.

7. Explain two reasons biogas is called as clean fuel.

8. State two limitations of using hydrogen as a common fuel.

9. How is nuclear energy employed for peaceful purposes?

10. What is the principle of wind mill?

11. Name the three forms in which energy from ocean is made available for use. What are OTEC power plants? How do they operate?

12. Give three reasons why the uses of cow dung in biogas plants are preferred than burning dry cow dung cakes for cooking.

13. Explain why
a) Charcoal is considered better fuel that wood.
b) Use of wood as fuel is not advised although forest can be replenished.
c) Fossil fuels are classified as non – renewable sources of energy.

14. a) What is a principle of solar cooker?
b) Explain its working in brief.
c) Draw a labelled diagram of solar cooker.

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