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Monday, 14 September 2015

ACID, BASES AND SALTS test paper 2

acid base and saltTest paper,class 10 chemistry important questions for exam,cbse chemistry notes,baking soda,

 Questions : 1 to 5 – 1 Mark each
 Questions : 6 to 9 – 2 Marks each
 Questions : 10 to 13 – 3 Marks each
 Question 14 – 5 Marks

1. Why solution of HCl in water conducts electricity, but that of glucose in water does not?

2. Write the chemical name of Plaster of Paris.

3. What happens when chlorine is passed through slaked lime?

4. What happens when salt and ice are mixed together?

5. What is the difference between washing soda and soda ash?

6. If someone is suffering from acidity after over eating. Suggest a remedy for this. Why?

7. What is an acid-base indicator? Give 2 examples of synthetic acid-base indicator.

8. What is the difference between a strong acid and a weak acid? Give 2 examples of each of them.

9. With the help of a chemical equation, explain how a soda acid fire extinguisher helps in putting out a fire.

10. Why does a stain of a curry on a white clothe become reddish brown, when soap is scrubbed on it and turns yellow again, when the cloth is washed with plenty of water.

11. Why should curd be not kept in copper or brass vessels? What is done to protect it?

12. A tarnished copper vessel begins to shine again when rubbed with lemon. Why?

13. (a) What is the action of litmus on (i) dry ammonia gas (ii) Solution of ammonia gas in water
(b) State the observations you would make on adding Ammonium hydroxide to aqueous solution of (i) Ferrous sulphate (ii) Aluminium chloride

14. Write the chemical name, preparation, 2 properties and 2 uses of Baking powder or plaster of paris
acid base and saltTest paper,class 10 chemistry important questions for exam,cbse chemistry notes,baking soda,

Chemistry for class 10....

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