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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tissues test paper

                                                            TEST PAPER
                CLASS - IX Science 

1 Vertical growth in plants takes place by –
(a) Latral meristem (b) apical meristem
(c) Intercalary meristem (d) none of the above[1]

2 Which of these components of blood fight infection?
 tissue,class 9,biology,scceducation,scc,ssc,(a) RBC (b) WBC (c) Platelets (d) serum[1]

3 In desert plants, rate of water loss gets reduced due to presence of :
(a) cuticle (b) stomata (c) lignin (d) suberin[1]

4 Cartilage is not found in – (a) nose (b) ear (c) kidney (d) larynx [1]

5 What are meristmatic and permanent tissue? [2]

6 What are the function of Tendon and ligament? [2]

7 Draw a well labeled diagram of neuron [2]

8 Differentiate the following activities on the basis of voluntary or involuntary
(a) Jumping of frog (b) Pumping of the heart
(c) writing with hand (d) Moving of chocolate in stomach[2]

9 How many types of tissues are found in animals? Name the different types. [3]

10 Differentiate between voluntary and involuntary muscles. Give one example of each [3]

11 What are the major functions of blood? [3]

12 Write about the functions of – (a) Epidermis (b) cork (c) stomata. [3]

13 Which of these types of cells is most likely to divide?
(a) Epidernins (b) Parenchyma (c) Meristem (d) Xylem[1]

14. Companion cells are associated with –
(a) Sieve tubes (b) Sclerenchyma (c) Vessels (d) Parenchyma[1]

15. Which tissue has chloroplast in cells?
(a) Parenchyma (b) Chlorenchyma (c) Sclernehyma (d) Aerenchyma[1]

16. Intestine absorbs due digested food materials. What type of epithelial are
responsible for that?
(a) Stratified squamous epithelium (b) columnar epithelium
(c) psuedostratified epithelium (d) Cuboidal epithelium[1]

17. Name the following –
(a) Tissue that stores fats in our body. (b) Tissue present in the brain
(c) Connective tissue with fluid matrix.
(d) Tissue that connects muscles to bones in humans.[2]

18. Write difference between cartilage and bone. [2]

19. Which components of xylem are living and which ones are dead? [2]

20. Define due process of differentiation. [2]

21. Differentiate between parenchyma and collenchyma. [3]

22.Mention the characteristics features of connective tissue [3]

23.Diagrammatically show the difference between the three types of muscels fibres [3]

24. How does cardiac muscle differ from both voluntary and involuntary muscles in

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