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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Source of energy (Test paper )

Source of energy ,Test paper,bio-gas ,
(Source of energy)

1. Which of following is more environment friendly?
(a) Burning of coal (b) burning of fire wood
(c) burning of charcoal (d) Burning of diesel.(1)

2. Major problem in harnessing nuclear energy is to
(a) split heavy nucleus (b) sustain nuclear reactions
(c) Convert nuclear energy into electricity (d) dispose off nuclear waste.(1)

3. Fusion reaction is also known as
(a) chemical reaction (b) elastic scattering
(c) thermonuclear reaction (d) photo nuclear reaction(1)

4. India exploded her first under ground nuclear device at
(a) Ranchi (b) Kota
(c) Jaipur (d) Pokhran(1)

5. Although charcoal is a clean and deter source of heat energy yet it cannot be
used as a domestic fuel because it
(a) cause environmental pollution (b) produce less heat energy
(c) cannot be stored easily (d) is expensive fuel(1)

6. Write two advantages of using solar cooker? (2)

7. Suggest two ways to reduce energy consumption? (2)

8. What is geothermal energy? Write its advantages? (2)

9. Why are many thermal power plants set up near coal or oil fields? (2)

10. Name three forms in which energy from ocean is made available for use. What are OTEC power plants? How do they operate?(3)

11. List three forms of energy we use when we wake up from morning till we reachthe school. Also from where we get these different forms of energy?(3)

12. Compare and contrast bio- mass and hydro-electricity as source of energy. The production cost of hydroelectricity is cheaper than the electricity produced in a
thermal power station. Explain why?(3)

13. What kind of mirror concave, convex or plane would be best suited for the use in a solar cooker. Why? What is the role of glass sheet used in a solar cooker?
Also write two disadvantages of using a solar cooker?(3)

14. (i) What is bio-gas ? Name two main combustible components of bio-gas?
(ii) What is the use of spent slurry in a bio-gas plant?
(iii) Name the micro-organisms responsible for the fermentation of slurry in 
the digester?(5)

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