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Saturday, 9 April 2016


HOTS Questions and Answers

1. Where is the image formed in a convex mirror, when the object is anywhere in front of it ?

2. A person uses concave mirror for shaving, where should he position his face in front of it ?

3. A ray of light is incident on a concave mirror along its principal axis. What will be the angle of reflection?

4. What will happen to ray of light when it travels from rarer medium to a denser medium ?

5. What does negative sign in the value of magnification of a mirror indicate?

6. Name the point inside the lens through which a ray of light goes undeviated?

7. Which of the two has a great power? A lens of short focal length or a lens of large focal length?

8. Name the lens which always gives an erect and diminished image?

9. Which mirror is used as rear view mirror in vehicles and why ?

10. Define one dioptre?

11. The size of an object is 2cm.The magnification produced by a mirror is +1. What is the size of the image?

12. When a ray of light passes from a denser medium to a rarer medium which angle is greater: angle of incidence or angle of refraction?

13. An image formed in a spherical mirror has magnification -2.Is the image real or virtual?

14. The power of a lens is -2D. Is the lens convex or concave?

15. Focal length of a convex mirror is 10cm.Find the radius of curvature of the mirror?

16. An object is placed at a distance of 50cm from a convex mirror. State two characteristics of the image formed.

17.Write two uses of concave mirror.

18. An object 1cm high produces a real image 1.5 cm high, when placed at a distance of 15 cm from concave mirror. Calculate the position of the image.

19. Find the power of a concave lens of focal length 2m.

20. Which phenomenon occurs when light falls on
(a) highly polished surface 
(b) a transparent medium ?

21. What will happen to a ray of light when it falls normally on a surface ?

22. What is absolute refractive index ?

23. If refractive index of glass is 1.65, What is the speed of light in glass. ?

24. The magnification “ m “ for a mirror is +1 what does this signify ?

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