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Monday, 25 January 2016

Binary Logic and Gates notes

Binary Logic and Gates
§Binary variables take on one of two values.
§Logical operators operate on binary values and binary variables.
§Basic logical operators are the logic functions AND, OR and NOT.
§Logic gates implement logic functions.
§Boolean Algebra: a useful mathematical system for specifying and transforming logic functions.

§We study Boolean algebra as a foundation for designing and analyzing digital systems!
Binary Variables
§Recall that the two binary values have different names:
§We use 1 and 0 to denote the two values.
§Variable identifier examples:
A, B, y, z, or X1 for now
RESET, START_IT, or ADD1 later
Logical Operations
§The three basic logical operations are:
§AND is denoted by a dot (·).
§OR is denoted by a plus (+).
§NOT is denoted by an overbar ( ¯ ), a single quote mark (') after, or (~) before the variable.

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